What should I expect when I arrive?
Our main service begins at 10:15 on Sunday morning.  When you arrive there is a large parking lot in front of the buildings.  The main sanctuary is located in the larger building on the left.  When you enter the main doors, there will be some friendly smiling people there to greet you and give you a church bulletin.  The bulletin will contain helpful information for you.  There will be an opportunity for you to leave your contact information with us if you would like some follow-up contact.  We would love to do so!
What should I expect during the service?
There are two opening songs followed by a time of greeting by a church leader and some announcements and/or an opportunity to greet each other.  Every service features a time of congregational singing.  After the announcements, we typically sing three worship songs accompanied by a full band.  The words to the songs will be visible on the wall.  You will see people singing out loud and you may see people clapping or lifting their hands during the singing time.  These are all outward expressions of an inner appreciation for Jesus.
Following the time of singing there will be an offering collected.  There is a visitor card in the back of the seat in front of you. Please fill out that card and place it in the offering plate during this time. During the offering there is often a musical presentation.  The message will follow the offering.  The message is usually 35-40 minutes in length and filled with helpful Scriptural insight and practical applications for your life.  At the end of the service there is often an opportunity to respond to the message through prayer.  There is often an opportunity at the end of the service to join in prayer with the church leaders for any life issues that concern you.
How should I dress?
Come as you are!  You will see some men wearing ties and some ladies wearing dresses/skirts.  Some prefer to dress business casual and some prefer to come in more casual attire.  Dress up, dress down…we won’t care!
What about my kids?
There is an age specific program during our main service for children that is coordinated by our children’s pastor.  There is a nursery available during all services.  All of our children workers have been trained and screened.
The nursery is available for 3 months to 3-year old children and is located in the education wing to the right of the main foyer.  It is the first door on your left.  When you drop off your child you will receive a handheld pager.   This pager allows the nursery to page you during the service if you are needed and should be returned when you come at the end of service to pick up your child.
The children’s church check-in location is located in the gym.  The gym is in the building adjacent to the main building and easily accessed by exiting the door at the end of the education wing and crossing the short walkway. You will need to go back and pick up your children at the end of service.  We love them but we don’t want to keep them!
There is also a cry room in the back of the sanctuary where you can hear the message and see the service but you and your infant cannot be seen or heard. The nursing mother’s room is in the education wing; it is the first room on the right. 
Of course, you are more than welcome to keep your kids by your side if that is your preference. We have programs for children on Wednesday nights and there is also a service on Wednesday nights at 7 for teenagers.  There are links on this site under the “Church Ministries” tab which give you more info about all ministries for children and youth.
What next?
We would love for you to visit us again!  We have other service times that you can see on the “Services” page under the “I’m New” tab.  Under the “Church Ministries” tab, you can learn about many of the other activities at Trinity.  If you would like direct contact from or a visit from one of the pastoral staff, please let us know.  We are so glad you are considering a visit and would love to meet you!
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